This is a virtual mentoring organization through local workshops, blogs, vlogs, social interactions, GroupMe, and some social gatherings in various cities and communities. 


​1. Go to Umbrella of Excellence Corporation tab and Click on Prestigious Jewels & Pearls .

2. Follow on social media Instagram: @umbrellaofelegance

or Facebook: Umbrella of Elegance Etiquette and Youth Motivation.

3. Review previous blogs and vlogs on various topics and careers with professionals.

4. *MUST have GroupMe chat that consists of daily inspiration, discussions, and uplifting please email your associated email or phone number. *Must have ZOOM app downloaded for virtual face-to-face meetings.

5. We have Ambassadors in the following cities: Atlanta, Powder Springs, Hiram, Riverdale, Louisiana, North Carolina and Washington DC. They have a sub-group chat to discuss local events and meet-ups. Please let me know if you live in any of these areas to be added to the perspective chat.

6. Participate in local meet-ups if in your area and be involved in a virtual community of empowerment!